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Jerk Pork


Heirloom pork available in whole loin, chops and shoulder roasts. The meat is removed from the marinade and introduced to our super heated Santa Maria style grill where the searing takes place. The searing ensures that all the rich and flavorful juices remain within the meat. After searing, the meat is then moved to indirect heat for the final cooking. Various glazes can can be applied as a part of the finishing process and are customized to your taste. The entree is served with our mouthwatering rice and peas, fried plantains and tropical salad. 


Jerk Chicken

Jerk Chicken Plate

Pasture raised whole chickens or parts are prepared in the same manner as our pork. Chicken is a very versatile meat and is used in our salads, as an appetizer and as part of an entree. The entree is served with our mouthwatering rice and peas, fried plantains and a tropical salad.

Jerk Turkey

Jerk Turkey

Whole birds or selected parts are brined, marinated and slow roasted until the required doneness is reached. Our turkeys are usually special ordered and we require at least a week's notice prior to your event.


Jerk Salmon

Wild caught fish lightly marinated in our jerk seasoning and grilled on a wood plank or steamed. The jerk flavor is also optional since our fish dishes are usually made to order and therefore the seasonings can be customized to your taste and liking. The steamed fish is seasoned with thyme, crushed pimento, scallions, onions, scotch bonnet pepper, okras (optional) and accompanied with a mix of seasonal vegetables. The steamed fish can be served over a bed of rice and the salmon can be an addition to our salad entree.


Veggie Delite

A medley of specially selected vegetables, seasoned, and simmered down in a delightful and tasty stew. The word Ital is derived from the word vital, which reflects the Rastafarian practice of creating words by replacing significant syllables with the letter "I" Ital cooking is way of preparing and cooking food that is in keeping with Rastafarian beliefs and practices. Like the word vital, Ital means essential. Ital cooking generally excludes the use of salt and meat and anything else like artificial flavors and preservatives.


Rice and Peas

Rica and Peas

A delectable combination of red kidney beans or pigeon peas and rice, simmered in a mixture or coconut milk, thyme and pimento. This is the standard starch that is served with our meals but can also be ordered in bulk for your onsite event. This is often consumed as a vegetarian meal sans meat or fish.

Fried Plantains

Small Plantains

Always a crowd favorite that pairs well with our Jerk fare or can be eaten alone as an appetizer. We are a big fan of coconut or avocado oil.

Miscellaneous menu offerings


We do offer a wide range of other dishes, including traditional Jamaican like curried goat, braised oxtails, curried chicken, fricasee chicken, beef pot roast, made from scratch hearty soups, and selected American fare. At our outdoor events we can provide hamburgers, hot dogs, bratwurst, grilled vegetables, etc. A popular picnic item is our popular Jerk burger which is crafted from freshly ground responsibly raised beef seasoned with our jerk marinade, then grilled to your preferred temperature.