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Our Hours

We are always open. Ok, within reason.

About Us

We are a mobile catering and food service enterprise operating in the Greater Austin Metro. Our mainline fare features the distinctive and heady Jamaican Jerk flavor. Our food is not overwhelmingly hot and spicy but will always be consistently Jamaican in taste, texture and style and we will not sacrifice our favors for bland fare. Our belief is that good food should always be served when freshly prepared and straight to the table. To do otherwise is to diminish the taste, rich natural favors and reduce the value of what our customers have paid for. Our meals feature only responsibly raised pork, poultry, wild caught fish, and organically grown vegetables.

Service Offerings

Onsite Residential Catering

We will meet with you and design and agree with a menu and any ancillary services that are appropriate for your event. On the day of your event, we arrive at the venue with everything needed to deliver a high quality gastronomical experience for you and your guests. We do onsite cooking of fresh, highly flavored, wholesome meals that are served hot. We craft our raw vegetable medleys onsite, fresh and ready to serve; dressings applied just prior to serving.

Onsite Corporate Events

We offer various options when it comes to corporate events. We can cater your company picnics, board meetings, team summits, and team building events.

Pre-ordered Fare

These can include Jamaican style beef pot roast or oven roasted pork, beef, whole turkey, chicken, chicken wings, and lamb, and Jamaican patties, to name a few of the offerings. Our main Jerk fare can also be ordered à la carte.